Melania’s poor life

Art is how I deal with the crazy in the word. I want to practice portraits of people that I have no connection to and Melania was front in my mind. There’s a audio recording of her saying “who gives a fuck about this Christmas stuff?” – First, I love that she swears. I bet it is the only way to keep her sanity. It became obvious that she is hating her role as a FLOUS. I had a moment of “you go girl” in support of her misery. We all feel your misery! Then, she blew it. She loves that the kids are in cages and supports the separation of children from their mothers. She is vial.

You can hear the recordings here if you’d like.

I made these as 2020 Christmas cards over at Zazzle. For each card sold, I will donate $1.00 to KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) – They ensure that children get proper legal representation. That is be best.

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