Getting a great photo of your pet

pet portraits start with a great photo!

Thanks for your interest in my Digital Pet Portrait Services! Yes, it all starts with a good photo image. If you are anything like me, I have literally thousands of photos of my kitties on my iPhone. Many are duds because they moved mid shot. But hopefully, you have a favorite crisp image already in mind that I can work from.

Do take a moment to look at the image more objectively and ask yourself, “can someone who never met your fur baby really know their physical characteristics from this photo?” I know that your fur baby is adorable and beautiful! But, does the photo look like your fur baby? I had to confirm fur and eye color because the image my customer sent me was vague , blury or dark.

There’s really great articles out there that can give you wonderful and doable tips to improve your pet photography. Check them out for more details here.

The basic info is: 1. think about the light first and foremost! Outside light conditions can be beautiful – the magic hours are early morning and right before the sun sets. Other hours can have harsher light conditions and this can cast shadows or wash out the true color. Other solutions are photographing in a fully shaded area. Indoor natural light is great too. I never use my flash.

2. Use your camera’s auto focus feature. Portrait mode is also a great way to capture a beautiful image.

3. Camera angle – consider getting at their eye level. (I am often laying on the floor to get a good photo composition) If you do selfies, you are usually factoring in your good angle. The tilt of the camera will distort the shape of your pet too! You can also go for an intentional distorted angle for a very intersting image. Play around with head on, 3/4 or side angle of their face.

4. action or posed? – think about your dog or cat’s body shape – think about what conveys their character – The happy face with their favorite toy in their mouth? Your cat asleep on their back? Catloaf 0verhead, side or front? The elegance of them sitting and watching in front of a window?

I hope these suggestions help you capture a great image of your imortant family member! I look forward to drawing your pet!

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“My daughter was so thrilled by your painting of Smokey. She can’t wait to hang it up”