Art has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was fortunate to have wonderful and encouraging art teachers who helped me find my artistic voice. Getting a new blank canvas up on the easel is both a daunting and thrilling experience. While in the studio, I turn up the music and get lost in the process.

I choose subjects that have meaning to me. My style is drawn on Pop Art elements. I aim to express a playful side of life and to elevate ordinary objects. I am drawn to objects that one might easily overlook. Painting the headstock of a bass guitar or a nail polish bottle gives those items distinction and worth. Using appealing color combinations with bright acrylic paints are a vital part of my design aesthetic.

I participated in painting and drawing classes at Merritt College, Oakland and took film photography classes at City College in San Francisco. My work has been on display at various locations in the Tri Valley. I won an Honorable mention at the PAL Member Show in 2019, and a Merit Award at the 2017 Pleasanton Art League show at the Alviso Adobe for my “3 Heart Pins.” I also won a Silver Award at the 2011 Alameda County fair for a mixed media artwork.

I formally studied Counseling and manage a mental health program for youth. Doing art is an important part of my own wellness plan.  I live in Pleasanton and presently work out of the Bothwell Art Studio.

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