“I’d love to turn you on”


I worked on this pencil drawing yesterday. I’ve done drawings of switch plates and even have a “painting” where I attached switch plates to a canvas. I just love their simple design and this delights my minimalism spirit!

I also love connecting images to lyrics or song titles. This one comes from The Beatles – “A Day in the Life” – The line is likely a drug reference but I’d like to reclaim it as one wanting to please another. Lennon sings this so passionately.  Giving pleasure to others is the most supreme act one can do.

5 thoughts on ““I’d love to turn you on”

  1. Thanks for reclaiming the romanticism of those words. Yes, we don’t need any subtle or blatant drug references. I, too, am drawn to draw some of the simplest things and give them more depth, something to ponder. It’s not a red dot on a white canvas or a splash of blue. It’s a tool in itself, and then the artist adds something to make it more complex without being too vague.


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