Hayward Mural Project artist @ PAL-LAA meeting

artist – Jean Bidwell

Please join us on Monday Feb 10 at 7:30 pm at the Bothwell Art Center. Artist Jean Bidwell will discuss her mural work – 2466 8th street in Livermore – Free event!

A native Californian, raised on rural farms and ranches throughout the Central Valley, Jean, early in her youth became intimately aware and fascinated with “creation.” It’s no surprise that the intricacies of the natural world have captivated her. As a graphic designer, she has contributed to a myriad of projects. Jean’s work graces private residences, books, and numerous corporate environments, such as Home Depot, AB&I Foundry and The Clorox Company. 

It was the convergence of her two career paths as an educator and an artist, that ultimately lead her to participating in the Hayward Mural Program. Jean has been gratefully active with the Program since 2009 and has painted more than 35,000 sq. ft. of the City’s utility boxes and sound walls.  

“I find my purpose in this Life as something of a Visual Scribe: a keeper of place. Along the way, I have been honored with opportunities to exhibit my works in galleries, private homes, along roadsides, and upon buildings. What I love about working as a mural painter is it puts me directly in touch with the community. Not only do I receive words of deep appreciation shouted from passersby on their bikes, or from their cars, but I am often gifted by community members—once unknown to me—who willingly enter into wonderful conversations and share a part of their day/life with me. The process of sharing feeds me as an artist, but also creates friendships and inspires the artist in everyone.” 

“It is a very good feeling to know what my “place” is in this world and to continue to expand my horizons, refine my abilities as an artist and a person, and wake up and contribute to our community each and every day.” jeanbidwell.com            Images: © Jean Bidwell