Do it for RBG

This year, with the most corrupt and inept person in office, I urge all to vote. Trump is a sociopath and a puppet to worse leaders of the world. He is a dictator wantabe. He is a pathological liar. It is also critical to pay attention to candidates on the lower part of your ballots РMost current Rebublicans, and those who wish to take office, have enabled Trump to be cavaliar with our democracy. It is time to vote his enablers out!

Mail-In Ballots or Absentee Ballots have always been a long standing and safe way to vote. Send it back, using the correct steps outlined in your voting packet. Do this early!

Here’s some voting resources – each states had slightly different rules, know your state’s rules!!
Better Know a Ballot

Vote, in honor of Justice Ruth Bader Gingsburg