Today’s prompt was “cake” – I present to you, a fourless chocolate cake. Hopefully, a nice escape from our on-going news. This is my favorite. I’d rather have a brownie, cookie, fruit tart or a pie over cake. What is your favorite dessert?

more art – making art everyday

All artwork done in Procreate – exploring fruits and veggies.

I was going to skip a few daily prompts due to my disgust about what was happening to this Country. Instead, I found the needed escape in doing art. I also did some phone calling and letter writing to express my feelings and call for action. I also unfriended several people on facebook, people I know they voted for a shallow racist. I can no longer feel comfortable sharing my life with them. They live in an alternate reality that I want no part of.  They are a big part of the problem.

I normally want to keep my politics out of my art, but I find that is a white privilege action (to compartmentalize with ease). Art and politics always mix. At times it is a more subtle mix like how free and supportive government is when it comes to arts. We may not fully appreciate that, because we have many freedoms here in the US. Yet in other parts of the world, art is heavily monitored. In history, western art has always been dominated by white male artists. Galleries and museums tend to value male and known artists. Those artists tend to fill the space, those works are what we see and learn is of value. Politics is always intertwined in everything and every aspect of our lives.

What happened in our Capitol was unfortunately predictable, layered with our white supremacy legacy. It was ugly. It is uggy. Government supporting the lies, a foolish population believing those lies, a willingness to take action on those lies. This, my friends, is the recipe for facism.

I will keep hope. That maybe, just maybe, people are seeing the bigger picture and have a willingness to address the systemic issues in our county,  

maneki neko

The maneki neko or lucky cat are common figurines/statues that symbolize good luck. The raised paw is a gesture of beckoning. According to Wikipedia, “a statue with the left paw raised is to get more customers, while the right paw raised is to get more money. Hence it is also said that the one with left paw is for business and the right is for home.”

I used the Kunayi brush in Procreate to mimic the Sumi-e style I was also going for a more simplistic design.

I might make this into a sticker. Let me know if you’d be interested in getting one!!

Iconic Pleasanton decoration

I created this in Procreate – if you live or work in Pleasanton, CA, you might be familiar with these arches. During the holiday season, it get bedazzled with this mirror wreath and garland. I love it! It makes stoplights more interesting. Does your hometown have iconic decorations?

Hello Corgeous

I love me a good pun! Having fun in Procreate painting cute doggies! I might make this into a card. Any corgi fans out there?

I love their smile! I am excited to start watching the new season of the Crown.