Ice pops

As always, doing art is my restorative practice. I have been painting ice pops – they are cheerful, and colorful. A moment of escape. Things are so heavy right now.

This one is my Amador Pop – my daughter’s high school colors – purple and gold, happen to be my favorite color combo. If you would like me to paint your school colors or favorite flavors, drop me a message. I’d be happy to do a custom artwork piece! This one is 5×7 inches. They make great gifts.

Tea Time

I did another small painting on paper – this is one of the fancy tea cups we got from our Aunt Betty. I can imagine the tea and conversation that probably accompanied that tea!

Cherry painting on paper

Worked on another small cherry painting – this time on paper. I did not get over to the farmer’s market this morning. Instead, we went to Alden Lane Nursery in search for strawberry plans. My daughter made a pallet planter and was hoping to grow strawberries in it. Apparently, strawberry plants are hard to come by. She instead got bush variety green and purple beans, thyme and edamame. I am happy with this substitution.

If you are interested in purchacing this painting, It will be available in my Etsy shop

First Cherries of the season

I bought our first batch of cherries this past weekend at the Pleasanton Farmer’s market. They did not disappoint – a perfect balance of sweetness. They are my favorite summer treat. The market was wonderful – ran into a friend – kept our distance. It was just so nice to be together, even briefly.

This is a small painting – acrylic on a panel 6×6.

Which are your favories? Bing or Rainier?


How are you all doing? I want to extend my well wishes and best thought to everyone as we deal with this new normal. I am working from home and doing my best to stay calm and hopeful.

I thought that being home would give me the energy to do my artwork morning, noon and night. Maybe it is because I am still operating in survival mode, grief, uncertainty, anxiety, what have you…I am just having a hard time focusing on art. It is the activity that grounds me, but I have to admit, I am just not fully there yet.

It is no surprise that the Open Studios event has been either canceled or postponed – we are still waiting to hear what is next. It seems frivolous to mourn such losses – an art show, an open studio, my daughter’s prom, perhaps – upcoming graduation ceremonies. It seems such a small inconvenience compared to those losing a loved one or struggling to care for those sick with this disease. 

Yet, I do know that these are my experiences of loss. So, here are the things that I am doing to have healthy management of this new norm – less news watching; unfollowing people to spread misinformation, more connection to those I love and respect. What are you doing to take care of yourself?

A little artwork in process

I had fun working on this painting. A classic rotary dial phone! Who grew up with one of these? I love the feel of these phones – the weight of the handset, the twirling of the cord, the sound and feel of the dialing.

I definitely was happy when we got a push button phone – it seemed so advanced! It was much easier to make a call that would not ruin newly manicured nails!

new coasters

New coasters are now available. These are made from my artwork. I will have them at tomorrow’s open studio. They make great gifts! A unique holding spot for your favorite beverage!